Porter Classic


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Complete IJS schedule

Complete 6.0 schedule

22nd Annual Porter Classic

Schedule of Events
times are subject to change
Friday, December 1, 2017 Saturday, December 2, 2017 Sunday, December 3, 2017
Stadium Rink Stadium Rink Stadium Rink
6:00 PM Junior SP 2:00 PM Novice 9:00 AM Intermediate A FS  
7:31 PM Joom 3:55 PM Adult 11:02 AM Intermediate B FS  
  5:20 PM Junior FS 12:58 PM Collegiate FS  
  7:04 PM Senior FS 2:22 PM Juvenile FS
  Olympic Rink Olympic Rink
  8:30 AM Open Juvenile A 8:30 AM Pre Juvenile A
  9:12 AM Synchro Skills1 A 9:12 AM Pre Juvenile B
  9:41 AM Open Juvenile B 9:58 AM Pre Juvenile C
  10:26 AM Synchro Skills1  B 10:44 AM Open Collegiate
  10:48 AM Open Juvenile  C 12:11PM Open Masters
  11:43 PM Synchro Skills1 C 12:25PM Onfy
  12:15 PM Synchro Skills2  A 1:11 PM Open Adult
  12:44 PM Preliminary
  1:16 PM Synchro Skills2  B  
  1:33 PM Synchro Skills3  
  1:38 PM Snowplow Sam  



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